Inground Standard Wetland Reinforced

Applied in harsh environments with potential mechanical impact: in grounds of all the groups, bogs, unnavigable rivers.

Applied in ducts, trays, blocks, tunnels, and collecting channels.

Also applied for aerial installation between buildings and supports. However, one should consider its bigger weight comparing to self-supporting cables.


Inground Standard Wetland Reinforced

(Multi-Tube Double Armor Double Jacket Aluminum and Polymer Tape Cable)

  • 8
    Polymer jacket
  • 7
    Double armor of zinc-coated steel wires
  • 4
    Water-swellable gel
  • 6
    Inner polymer jacket
  • 5
    Aluminum and polymer tape
  • 4
    Water-swellable gel
  • 3
    PBT loose tube filled with water-swellable gel
  • 2
    Optic fiber
  • 1
    Central strength member: FRP


With laminated aluminium polyethylene sheath – to protect the cable core from moisture

Excellent solution for wetland and cross-river installation


Optical Fiber Specifications
Optical Fiber Color Identification

Crush — from 571 lb/in
Tensile strength — 17985 lb

Fiber countup to 48 (6×8)up to 72 (6×12)up to 96 (6×16)up to 144 (6×24)
Cable diameter, in0.9090.9330.9410.965
Cable weight, lb/ft0.9440.9700.9631.009
Operation parameters
Operation temperature range*-50°С…+70°С
Installation temperature range-30°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature range-60°С…+70°С
Min bending radius15x cable diameter
Life time25 years
Warranty lifetimeas specified in the supply agreement,min 2 years

* Operation temperature range can be increased on request.


All cables of this group can be produced in versions (A)-HF, H.
The dielectric cables are manufactured in the modification нг(А)-HF.

H — cable jacket is made of a polymer material not propagating fire in a single laying.

(А)-HF — cable jacket is made of a polymer material, flame retardant in a group laying, with low smoke emission, halogen-free.