OPGW Center Aluminum-Clad Stainless Steel Tube

Applied in the construction of fiber-optic link on overhead transmission lines of 35 kV and more.

OPGW Center Aluminum-Clad Stainless Steel Tube

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    Stranded wires (Aluminum Clad Steel wires and /or aluminum alloy wires).
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    Aluminium-clad stainless steel tube filled with water-swellable gel.
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    Optic fiber.


Up to 48 fibers in a tube

100% corrosion-resistant: ACS wires and stainless steel tube. Suitable for areas with highly corrosive environments.

Aluminum alloy wires shield the high-voltage conductors from lightning strikes

Mastering the technology of steel module manufacturing and stranding of steel zinc-coated wires allowed us to create a new product: MASS — Metallic Aerial Self Supporting Cable.


Features are normally specified according to client’s needs.

Optical Fiber Specifications
Optical Fiber Color Identification

Crush — from 856,5220732 lb/in

Fiber count4…48
Rated tensile strength, lb5620…47210
Tensile strength, lb3372…28101
Cable diameter, inches0,354…0,709
Cable weight, lb/ft0,134…0,827
Elasticity modulus (final), ksi10153…23206
Short current circuit capacity (initial temp 25° C), kA²s5…300
Short-circuit current for 1s, kA3…20

At Customer’s request Incab can provide specifications for any range of fiber optic cable.

Operation parameters
Operation temperature range*-60°С…+85°С
Installation temperature range-30°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature range-60°С…+70°С
Min bending radius20xcable diameter
Life time25 years
Warranty lifetimeas specified in the supply agreement, min 2 years

* Operation temperature range can be increased on request.