Semi-Finished Products

Temporary Repair Cable part no.

A small, lightweight cable engineered to be used for rapid repair. In an emergency where communications must be restored as quickly as possible, this cable can be deployed on the ground and across roads and trails for use until permanent repair can be completed.


Optical fiber


PBT optical tubes filled with water-blocking gel


Water-blocking gel


Armor of galvanized steel wires


Polymer jacket



Armor is a reliable protection against strong mechanical damage

Excellent rodent resistance

Resistance to crushing loads from 400 lb/in

Reduced weight and size

Cost-effective design

Up to 24 fibers

Maximum rated design tension 1798 lb (8 kN)
Crush — 400 lb/in
Fiber count up to 16 up to 32
Cable diameter, in 0.244 0.252
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.052 0.056
Minimum bending radius, in 3.661 3.780
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Operating temperature -58°F … +158°F
Installation temperature -22°F … +122°F
Transportation and storage temperature -58°F … +158°F
Minimum bending radius 15x cable diameter
Life time 25 years