Steel optical module

Steel optical module

(Applied as a distributed optical sensor for monitoring physical quantities in power cables, medium and high voltage insulation of cross-linked polyethylene, submersible cables, geophysical cables.)

  • 4
    Steinless steel tube
  • 3
    Water-swellable gel
  • 2
    Marking thread
  • 1
    Optical fiber

Optical Fiber Specifications
Optical Fiber Color Identification

Fiber count1…48
Outer diameter, in0,043307…0,27559
Inner diameter, in0,031496…0,244094
Module wall thickness, in0,0059055; 0,007874; 0,015748
Optical fiber excessive length, %0…0,8
Steel Module MaterialStainless steel 1.4301, 1.4404
Operation parameters
Operation temperature range*-60°С…+70°С
Installation temperature range-30°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature range-60°С…+70°С
Min bending radiusnot less 25x cable diameter
Life time25 years

* Operation temperature range can be changed on request.