InDuct Zinc-Coated Steel Wires

Applied in ducts, trays, blocks, tunnels, collecting channels, with a risk of rodents’ attacks.

Applied for direct buried installation if the mechanical impact does not exceed the specified limits.

Also applied for installation on bridges.


InDuct Zinc-Coated Steel Wires

(Uni-Tube Single Armor Single Jacket Cable, Zinc-Coated Steel Wires)

  • 5
    Polymer jacket
  • 4
    Armor of zinc-coated steel wires
  • 3
    Water-swellable gel
  • 2
    PBT loose tube filled with water-swellable gel
  • 1
    Optic fiber

Optic fiber

Excellent rodent resistance

Reduced weight and size.

Efficient design.

100% waterproof.

resistance to crushing loads from 0,5 kN/cm

Allowable tensile strength up to 2.7 kN

Up to 24 optical fibers the module


Optical Fiber Specifications
Optical Fiber Color Identification

Crush — from 286 lb/in
Tensile strength — 607 lb

Fiber countup to 16up to 24
Cable diameter, in0.3150.327
Cable weight, lb/ft0.0600.065
Min bending radius, in4.7244.902

At Customer’s request Incab can provide specifications for any range of fiber optic cable.

Operation parameters
Operation temperature range*-50°С…+70°С
Installation temperature range-30°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature range-60°С…+70°С
Min bending radius15x cable diameter
Lifetime25 years
Warranty lifetimeas specified in the supply agreement,min 2 years

* Operation temperature range can be increased on request.


All cables of this group can be produced in versions H and (A)-HF.

H — cable jacket is made of a polymer material not propagating fire in a single laying.

(A)-HF — cable jacket is made of a polymer material, flame retardant in a group laying, with low smoke emission, halogen-free (Class PRGP1).