Blown fiber optic technology, also known as jetting, is when a machine is used to float cable through the fiber cable conduit run by using highly pressurized air to push it forward. Fiber optic cables are blown into ducts/microducts creating communication infrastructure. The duct is made of high-density polyethylene which protects the cable from mechanical damages and moisture. This allows a very simple cable design. Tensile load is evenly distributed along the cable surface.

Blowing fiber is great for long distances and can go thousands of feet. As a result, fewer splice points and handholes are needed, which can save on material costs. Additionally, fewer crew members are needed for the fiber installation process which helps save on labor costs, the largest cost associated with fiber network build.

Blowing fiber is a relatively new technology and training is required for proper operation, installation, and maintenance of the equipment.

Benefits of blowing:

  • Air blown fiber cables are smaller, lighter, and more flexible which allows for installations in tighter spaces with more restrictions in available space and situations with tighter bends
  • A blown cable system gives the network more flexibility in installation and allows for better expansion
  • A blown cable system gives the ability to run multiple new cables years down the road without the need to bury new duct
  • Smaller footprint of blown cables allows higher count cables to be used in smaller splice enclosures than usual, also allowing the use of smaller vaults, and then reducing material, logistics, and installation costs
  • Although the initial set-up may take longer, installation is faster
  • The cable can go a few thousand feet in one run, making it very efficient
  • Blowing also puts less strain on the fiber resulting in a smaller chance of damage to the fiber and is the preferred method if the duct run has multiple bends and undulations

Whatever your project needs are, Incab is sure to have a solution. We offer a number of air blown micro cables:

BlownIn CT – central tube design

  • All-dielectric design
  • Up to 24 fibers
  • Operation tension up to 34 lb
  • Reduced weight and size. Convenient for microduct

BlownIn – multi-tube design

  • All-dielectric design
  • Up to 432 fibers
  • Operation tension up to 225 lb
  • Easy to install

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