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Welcome to the Incab University “School of Excellence in Fiber Optics”! We invite you to join our education activities to learn more about fiber optics!

We cover topics that will be helpful for engineers, procurement, sales, and other professionals in the utility and communications industries, or anyone else interested in fiber optics. Our events are webinar-based and “all-in-one”: presentations, lectures, seminars and workshops. They are all live and 100% free of charge. We welcome questions at a Q&A session after each one.

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Mike Riddle

Mike Riddle

Dan L Berg

Christian Riddle
Regional Sales Manager

Leonardo Rojas

Leonardo Rojas
International Sales Manager - Broadband

But, wait! There’s more!
Incab is approved by the Registered Continuing Education Program to issue Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for our education activities. That means that watching our webinars allows you to earn continuing education credits provided that you take and pass (with a score of at least 70%) our exam after the session. The exam is intended to reinforce the key points that you learned in the session.

How do you get those credits?
After you pass the exam, we report your attendance and passing to RCEP. RCEP’s system generates a "PDH Certificate" and deposits that PDH certificate into your RCEP account. It then emails you confirmation that the PDH Certificate is available in your account for download. If you do not have an RCEP account, the system creates one. It then deposits a PDH Certificate into the new account and emails you a login code plus instructions for accessing your new account and PDH Certificate. Either way, you will receive the email confirmation within 24 hours after we submit our report.

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Incab America's webinars not only educate the attendees on fiber optics but help explain Incab's value proposition; they are a win-win marketing tool.

Alexander Chew, National Sales and Market Manager

I thought the webinar was great. One hour is not a lot of time to cover a complex topic, but Mr. Riddle did a great job. I look forward to future Incab webinars.

Brian Hyde, Lead Engineer at Cleco Corp

Very informative. Thanks for hosting the webinar, Mike! We love hopping on these webinars and learning all new things about fiber optics + more!

Sydney Blankenship, Inside Sales Representative at JTH Agencies

Excellent presentation. Very focused with a simple understandable approach. Just the right technical detail.

Eduardo Alaluf

Great training presentation by knowledgeable presenter. It covered all of my questions without having to ask them. Thank you very much! Keep these trainings coming!

Jaron Reay, General Manager at ECI

Thank you Mike and Incab, great presentation!

Corrine Dimnik, Principal Engineer at Kinectrics

Good and quick overview for an "old" OPGW engineer.

Norbert Fink, Key Account Manager at Pfisterer

Excellent heads up and detailed perspective on new optical sensor technologies for utilities! Presentation was very effective, easily understood and well done by Mike Riddle.

Joe Renowden, President at JDR Engineering, Inc

Outstanding. Mike really knows his stuff and communicates sometimes difficult material very clearly.

Al Bonnyman, Fiber Manager at Technologies Edge Inc

Excellent webinar. Provided some details on using FO sensors was not completely aware of.

Thomas Langer, Safety Engineer at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Excellent presentation and I love the SPOT software. Mike's humor is refreshing and definitely helped a technical topic be less dry.

Denise Frey, President at Fiber Planners Inc.