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Incab supports you with the help of our network of outstanding manufacturers’ representatives. They are part of our extended family, and you probably already know them just as well as we do.

We designed this page to help you easily identify and connect with our representative closest to you. You can select your state or locale, or if you recognize one of our representative’s names, you can select them directly. Either way, you’ll be in touch fast!



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"What’s the role of Incab’s outside manufacturer representatives?
Representatives are like a recon team. They are going out and about, scouting and looking for opportunities, and letting me and our sales team know about them, so we plan our action accordingly.
But of course, our representatives are a lot more than that, because they have a close relationship with our customers. They are like an advocate for our customers and act as a mediator between our customers and our factory."

Mike Riddle, Executive Vice President