The optical ground wire cable, or OPGW, is a type of cable used by the electric utility industry in the construction of electric power transmission and distribution lines. OPGW fiber optic cable combines the functions of:

grounding: the overhead ground wire shields the high-voltage conductors from lightning strikes and secures current flow in case of fault currents;

communication: the incorporated optical fibers allow long distance transmission of data at high speed.

The fiber optic ground wire design typically consists of aluminum-clad steel wire and/or aluminum alloy wire protective layers with up to 432 fibers within the cable. This type of cable is suspended on power transmission lines with the voltage of 35 kV and higher.

OPGW cable must withstand harsh environments. Incab cables, including OPGW, work in the full range of climate zones: from areas where there is no icing at all, up to the harshest conditions where icing can reach 1 inch or more. Incab also offers cables that can monitor temperature and even icing itself.

Incab OPGW cables have a great benefit: unique and the only one in the industry marking that helps to identify different OPGW designs easier as well as know the exact footage of the OPGW left on a reel without having to OTDR test it.

Explore the full range of OPGW and other InSky group cables manufactured by Incab:

InSky OPGW C — Optical Ground Wire Central Loose Tube

  • Up to 96 fibers
  • Rated breaking strength (RBS) (without SSLTs): 5,620 – 47,210 lb

InSky OPGW CA — Optical Ground Wire Central Aluminum-Clad Loose Tube

  • Up to 96 fibers
  • Rated breaking strength (RBS) (without SSLTs): 5,620 – 47,210 lb
  • Central loose tube is aluminum-clad stainless steel tube

InSky OPGW AP — Optical Ground Wire Aluminum Pipe

  • Up to 144 fibers
  • Rated breaking strength (RBS) (without SSLTs): 5,620 – 47,210 lb

InSky OPGW S — Optical Ground Wire Stranded

  • Up to 432 fibers
  • Rated breaking strength (RBS) (without SSLTs): 10,566 – 61,822 lb

InSky MASS — Metallic Aerial Self-Supporting

  • Maximum rated design tension up to 67,443 lb
  • High strength, small size
  • Large spans between towers, installation over rivers and ravines

InSky ACS Ground Wire — Aluminum-Clad Steel Ground Wire

  • A standard component of high-voltage transmission lines
  • Rated breaking strength (RBS): 6,744 – 157,366 lb

InPhase OPPC — Optical Phase Conductor

  • Up to 288 fibers
  • An effective aerial solution when OPGW or ADSS cannot be used

You can also select the optimal OPGW design for your project using our Configurator ACES: Advanced Cable Engineering System (choose OPGW complete system or OPGW cable selection only).

Take a moment to watch our short educational videos:

Lightning strike detection using OPGW

Monitoring of suspicious activity near power lines using OPGW

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