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Завод Инкаб видео

Dear colleagues!

Another year of Incab operations is behind us. In 2016 we manufactured over 45,000 km of optical cable and processed over 900,000 km of fiber.

We continue to supply our optical cable and ground wire to major telecommunications operators, optical network constructors and power utility companies. We expanded our range by adding fire-resistant cable and sensor cable. We started a number of new projects, including FTTH networks construction in the private sector, which is being implemented together with our partner, Teralink, www.NAVIVKA.com.

In addition, in 2016 we launched a joint project with our strategic partner SSD JSC – Center For Technical Competences VOLS.Expert, which is an industry training center and an internet portal filled with various free software products intended to help designers and constructors of optical communication systems. We invite everyone to visit www.VOLS.expert.

We are still keen to provide a reliable product with long service life. We continue to develop within the Smart Plant concept. And the purpose of Incab is still the same – to create the most advanced communication networks.

I would like to thank each and every of Incab employees for our collaboration. I am sure that however ambitious our targets are, together we can reach them. Let's keep working!

Yours for continued success,
Alexander Smilgevich, CEO

9 years

7 500 000

kilometers of fibers

280 000

kilometers of cable

76 000


48 500

tons of fiber optic cable

Over 2016

930 000

kilometers of fibers

49 000

kilometers of cable

16 000



tons of fiber optic cable