The increasing number of fires leads to more and more stringent requirements in terms of optical cable fire safety. For critical communication lines flame-retardant properties of the cables are required to ensure normal signal transmission in emergency situations. An isolated fire can develop into a large fire due to the rapid flame spread along cable communications.

Application of fire-resistant cables ensures safety, which is critical in childcare and healthcare institutions, schools, arenas, public buildings, closed areas, etc.

All Incab cables undergo real fire rated testing, the declared characteristics are confirmed and guaranteed.

Advantages of fire rated cables manufactured by Incab:


  • flame retardant in group laying
  • proven 3 hour fire rating: remain operative when exposed to fire for at least 180 minutes
  • low toxicity of combustion products
  • low smoke
  • halogen-free

Keep your data transmission system up and running in an emergency situation with these Incab fire rated cables:

InFire Rated Universal

This cable is suitable for any harsh environment and in systems which must remain functional under fire conditions.


  • Suitable for all applications: InAir (aerial installation), InArmor (harsh environments), InDuct (ducts, trays, channels, etc.), InHome (indoor application)
  • Small size – thin, light, economical
  • Resistance to crushing load 571 lb/in which is retained even after the fire
  • Up to 96 fibers


InFire Rated Universal Dielectric

This is an indoor/outdoor cable for applications where induced voltages and currents must be eliminated. Armor of FRP rods provides good mechanical properties. Suitable for power lines and other utilities.


  • Suitable for all applications
  • Up to 288 fibers
  • All-dielectric design


InFire Rated Dielectric

This is a fire-rated tight buffer design with a small diameter. Fiberglass provides both strength and rodent resistance. Can be used indoors as a breakout cable, or anywhere that fire resistance is a must.


  • Easy to install
  • All-dielectric design
  • Up to 24 fibers


InFire Rated Dielectric Light

This cable is a center loose tube design with a small diameter. Fiberglass provides both strength and rodent resistance. Can be used outdoors or indoors; anywhere where fire resistance is a must.


  • All-dielectric design
  • Up to 24 fibers


InFire Rated Outdoor

This is an indoor/outdoor direct buried cable with corrugated steel armor sandwiched between two jackets. Can be deployed when rodent protection is a serious concern or when additional crush resistance is needed due to rocky soil. Inner jacket is made from flame retardant material. Both jackets are zero halogen.


  • Excellent rodent resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Up to 288 fibers

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