Green Light
to Sustainability Values

At Incab, we believe that upholding core values of sustainable development is part of our corporate responsibility. This includes launching and maintaining a lean production system and manufacturing processes with regard to the environment, our employees, and also our customers’ own sustainability aspirations. The availability of sustainable products is just one result of this.

Through developing our production sites in the US and Europe, we are committed to honouring our core values of sustainable development and reaching our sustainability goals in order to operate in line with global environmental standards everywhere we do business.

Caring for the planet and for our employees’ well-being and safety is one of Incab’s central values.

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Ensuring recyclable
and reusable wastes
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Incab America Steps Towards
Sustainability Values

  • Cables do not emit toxic substances during their service life
  • Long product life cycle (some designs up to 50 years)
People, Culture, Organization
  • Variety of personal protective equipment to choose from, which is easy to use while maintaining safety
  • Creating a balanced environment

Sustainable Development Core Values and Goals

Reduce production emissions
Reduce wastes
Ensure reusable packaging (wooden and steel reels)
Reduce carbon footprint (through the development of local production sites)
Based on the best available technology, our target is to have the lowest possible environmental impact and minimize it each year.