BlownIn CT Central tube (CT)

Convenient for blowing into microducts


Optical fiber


PBT loose tube filled with water-blocking gel


Aramid yarns


Outer jacket

Up to 24 fibers

Operation tension up to 34 lb

Reduced weight and size. Convenient for microduct

All-dielectric design

BlownIn CT, as all air blown fiber optic cables, is rigid yet flexible enough to be installed into microducts. This micro fiber optic cable consists of a PBT central loose tube with optical fibers (can have up to 24 fibers) and water-blocking gel. Aramid yarns as strength elements are laid over the loose tube.

It is an all-dielectric design suitable for indoor and outdoor cable conduits and trays. This design also features reduced weight (reaching up to 0.007 lb/ft) and size (with cable diameter reaching up to 0.134 in). Operation tension can be up to 18 lb (0.08 kN) and installation tension can reach up to 34 lb (0.15 kN). It also has a wide range of operating temperatures from -4°F to +158°F and installation temperatures from -4°F to +122°F.

This air-blown microduct fiber optic cable is optimized for use in FTTH networks. Blowing technology is a cost-effective, fast, and environmentally friendly solution than traditional type of deployments and it also provides a simpler installation using fewer resources.

Operation tension, lb 18
Installation tension, lb 34
Fiber count, up to 4 6 8 12 24
Fiber type (ITU-T Recommendation) G.657.A1 (250 μm)
Cable diameter, in 0.094 0.102 0.102 0.102 0.134
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.003 0.004 0.004 0.004 0.007
Operating temperature -4°F ... +158°F
Installation temperature -4°F ... +122°F
Transportation and storage temperature -4°F ... +158°F
Minimum bending radius 10 x cable diameter
Design life 25 years

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