Fire Rated

Fire Rated Universal Dielectric part no.

An optical cable of the DPD type is designed for laying in the ground, including swamps and shallow non-navigable rivers, in cable ducts, pipes, trays, blocks, tunnels, sewers, on bridges and overpasses, for suspension on supports of overhead communication lines, contact network and automatic blocking of railways, power lines, lighting poles, power facilities, between buildings and structures, inside buildings, as well as with increased requirements for resistance to external electromagnetic influences.


Central strength member (fiberglass reinforced plastic)


Optical fiber


PBT loose tube filled with water-blocking gel


Inner jacket made of halogen-free flame-retardant polymer compound


Water-swellable yarns


Armor of galvanized steel wires


Fiberglass yarns


Halogen-free jacket

Remains functional under direct flame for at least 180 minutes

All-dielectric construction

Up to 24 fibers

Max installation tension 1574 lb
Fiber count up to 24 up to 48 up to 72 up to 96 up to 144
Number of optical modules 6 6 6 6
Number of fibers in the module 8 12 16 24
Cable diameter, in 0.583 0.594 0.626 0.665 0.697
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.184 0.19 0.208 0.231 0.247
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Operation temperature -76°F … 158°F
Installation temperature 14°F … 122°F
Transportation and storage temperature -58°F … 122°F
Minimum bending radius 15x cable diameter
Life time 25 years
Warranty as specified in the supply agreement, min 2 years