InArmor++ CT GSW2 part no.
Central Tube (CT) Galvanized Steel Wires (GSW) Double Armor

Direct buried cable for a robust and cost-effective installation with extremely rocky soils or permafrost.


Optical fiber


PBT loose tube filled with water-blocking gel


Water-blocking gel or water-swellable yarns


Armor of galvanized steel wires



Excellent rodent resistance

Suitable for application in harsh environments

Up to 24 fibers

Maximum rated design tension up to 11240 lb

Resistance to crushing load from 571 lb/in

Max rated design tension 6744 - 17985 lb
Crush — 571 lb/in
Fiber count up to 24
Max rated design tension 8992 lb
Crush — 571 lb/in
Fiber count up to 12 up to 16 up to 24
Cable diameter, in 0.504 0.508 0.520
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.252 0.258 0.270
Min bending radius, in 7.559 7.618 7.795

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Operation temperature -58°F … 158°F
Installation temperature -22°F … 122°F
Transportation and storage temperature -58°F … 158°F
Minimum bending radius 15x cable diameter
Life time 25 years