InArmor+ FiberGlass DJ FiberGlass yarns Double Jacket (DJ)

A dielectric armored cable for applications where electrical conductors are in the same conduit system. It is a cost-effective solution for crowded urban conduits with rodent problems.


Central strength member — fiberglass dielectric rod


Optical fiber


PBT optical tubes filled with water-blocking gel


Water-swellable yarns


Inner jacket


Fiberglass yarns


Polymer jacketing





All-dielectric design

Fiberglass yarns prevent damage by rodents

InArmor+ FiberGlass DJ is a multi-tube cable with fiberglass yarns and double jacket. It is an all-dielectric design that features UV-resistance and moderate rodent protection.

This cable can be mainly:

  • Pulled into underground ducts and sewer pipes
  • Installed along bridges, tunnels and other structures
  • Installed into indoor/outdoor cable conduits and trays
  • Aerial lashed

Typically, InArmor+ FiberGlass DJ consists of a stranded core with a central strength member (FRP) and PBT loose tubes filled with water-blocking gel. Optical fibers (up to 144) are placed in loose tubes. The stranded core is fixed by water-swellable yarns. Fiberglass yarns are laid over an inner jacket.

InArmor+ FiberGlass DJ’s maximum rated design tension can reach up to 607 lb and resistance to crushing load starts from 126 lb/in. It has a wide range of operating temperatures from -40°F to +158°F and installation temperatures from -22°F to +158°F (operating temperature range can be increased on request).

Maximum rated design tension (MRDT) 607 lb (2.7 kN)
Crush 126 lb/in (0.22 kN/cm)
Fiber count, up to 72 96 144
Cable diameter, in 0.461 0.516 0.626
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.071 0.088 0.129
Minimum bending radius, in 6.9 7.7 9.4
Installation temperature +14°F ... +122°F
Transportation and storage temperature -40°F ... +158°F
Minimum bending radius 15 x cable diameter
Design life 25 years
Operating temperature -40°F ... +158°F
Operating temperature -76°F ... +158°F
Installation temperature -22°F ... +122°F
Transportation and storage temperature -76°F ... +158°F
Minimum bending radius +59 x cable diameter
Design life 25 years
Warranty period of operation определяется договором поставки, но не менее двух лет empty

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