Installation Guides

Installation Guides:
  • The cables are meant for hand and mechanic installation.
  • Cable stripping and installation should be done in ways and with instruments that eliminate the danger of cable damage.
  • Cable installation should be done with the muffs, clamps and other accessories registered with the Ministry of Communications.
  • The cable technologic reserve should be bound on a hard mandrel with appropriate tension.
Installation Guide for Figure 8 Cables:
  • Make an 26 ft cable technologic reserve before the muff. Make a 1 ft –diameter coil.
  • Release min 7 ft of fiber for bounding in a muff.
  • The time gap between the cable hanging and welding should be from 1 to 7 days.
Following these guides will reduce the risk of attenuation increase when operating in low temperatures:
Cable installation temperature ≥-22°F
Cable bending radius (cabling, installation and operation) ≥15x cable diameter
Length of cable axial torsion at an angle ±360 ≥13 ft.
Admissible static bending radius for duct cables 10 inches
Admissible static bending radius of loose tube ≥20 x tube diameter
Admissible installation bending radius of optical fiber ≥0.1 inches (within 10 minutes.)