Riser with Micro Tubes

Applied inside buildings (including vertical runs), in trays, channels, on outer sides of buildings, as well as in duct, in tubes and blocks. Suitable for blowing-in into protecting polyethylene tubes.

Applied in ducts, trays, blocks, tunnels, and collecting channels in protecting tubes.

Also applied for aerial installation power lines, lamp posts, between buildings and constructions. Suitable for aerial installation on transmission equipment and power facilities.


Riser with Micro Tubes

  • 5
    Match marks (jacket opening marking)
  • 4
    Halogen free flame-retardant jacket
  • 3
    Fiberglass rod
  • 2
    Micro tubes
  • 1
    Optic fiber


Perfect solution for high buildings: a separate micro loose tube is guided to every inter-floor box. With 100% penetration, the number of micro loose tubes equals to the number of floors, the number of fibers equals to the number of flats on the floor.

Operation temperature down to -30C.

Easy access to the fiber at any place of the cable



All-dielectric construction

Resistance to crushing loads – 80-200 N/cm.

Allowable tensile strength up to 400 N.

High density of fibers makes it possible to bundle up to 24 fibers into micro loose tubes and place up to 48 micro loose tubes in a cable.


Optical Fiber Specifications
Optical Fiber Color Identification

Min crush — 46 lb/in
Max crush — 114 lb/in
Tensile strength — 90 lb

Fiber count8 (2×4)12 (3×4)16 (4×4)24 (6×4)32 (8×4)40 (10×4)48 (12×4)64 (16×4)72 (12×6)96 (16×6)144 (24×6)288 (24×12)
Cable diameter, in0.2560.2560.2560.3350.3350.3350.4130.4130.4130.5310.5310.571
Cable weight, lb/ft0.0270.0280.0280.0390.0410.0420.0530.0550.0550.0890.0960.110
Min bending radius, in2.5592.5592.5593.3463.3463.3464.1344.1344.1345.3155.3155.709

Different combinations of fiber counts and loose tubes in a cable are available on request.

At Customer’s request Incab can provide specifications for any range of fiber optic cable.

Operation parameters
Operation temperature range*-30°С…+50°С
Installation temperature range-10°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature range-50°С…+50°С
Min bending radius10xcable diameter
Life time25 years
Warranty lifetimeas specified in the supply agreement, min 2 years

* Operation temperature range can be increased on request.


Local cables can be produced in versions ng(A)-HF and ng(А)-HFLTx.

ng(A)-HF — cable jacket is made of a polymer material, flame retardant in a group laying, with low smoke emission, halogen-free (Class PRGP1).

ng(A)-HFLTx — the cable jacket is made of a polymer material, flame retardant in a group laying with low toxicity of combustion products.