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23 October 2023

Celebrating Excellence: Meet Our 2023 Incab Hero Award Winners

At Incab America we take great pride in recognizing and celebrating the dedication, innovation, and excellence of our employees. It is with immense joy and honor that we recently recognized three exceptional individuals for their outstanding contributions with the Incab Hero Award.

The Incab Hero Award is a symbol of excellence and an embodiment of our core values. It is awarded to employees who consistently go above and beyond, demonstrating remarkable dedication to their work, a commitment to teamwork, and a spirit of innovation. These individuals not only excel in their roles but also serve as inspiring examples for their colleagues.

Meet Our 2023 Incab Hero Award Recipients

    • Mike Page – Plant Manager (Pictured)
    • Fedor Trushnikov – Process Engineer (Pictured)
    • Christian Page – Plastic Tubing Line Lead
    • David Cook  – Maintenance Supervisor
    • Julian Stone – Maintenance Technician
    • Austin Cook – Maintenance Technician 

    We believe that the success of Incab America is a result of the collective efforts of our talented and dedicated employees. It is through their commitment and unwavering determination that we continue to manufacture the world’s finest fiber optic cables.

    As we celebrate the achievements of these exceptional employees who have received the Incab Hero Award, we look forward to an even brighter future filled with more innovative, intellectual, and individual contributions to our team. Congratulations once again to our 2023 Incab Hero Award recipients!