12 July 2021

Webinar OPGW Lightning

Do you know that Lightning is the second leading cause of OPGW failure? Join Mike Riddle on the webinar on Lightning and you will learn about the main components of a lightning strike, find out what the Keraunic level defines, determine the necessary level of lightning protection, have a chance to choose your best options to repair or replace the damaged components and much more! ...

29 June 2021

Incab America FTTH Solutions from backbone to distribution

The wide Incab cable lineup can be a part of a high-quality, stable, flexible and efficient FTTH system from backbone to distribution. Explore (and download) our beautiful leaflet with Incab cables relevant for FTTH, discover more on the website and ...

10 May 2021

Incab America top-notch product: anti-rodent cable

InAir ADSS MT FRP Defender is an innovative product with FRP rods armor specifically designed to solve the rodent problem. It is suitable for aerial applications of 138 kV or less where damage from squirrels/rodents is apparent, though it can also be deployed underground as an all-dielectric direct bury solution. It's a heavy-duty solution and Incab America top-sellin...

7 June 2021

Webinar OPGW Engineering 201 - Accessories

1 June 2021

Incab America top-notch product: InFire Rated Universal Dielectric

7 May 2021

Webinar Fiber Optics 101

Dan Berg, Incab Vice President in Sales, will have an encore performance on what optical fiber is, how it works, and why it is so widely used on May 20 at 11:00 am (GMT-05:00). You will learn about its construction and discuss the underlying physics that make it work along with the electromagnetic spectrum over which it is used. The course will cover the two key fiber performance fac...

22 April 2021

Incab America is a proud UTC Associate Member!

19 April 2021

We are hiring: 8 open positions

12 April 2021

Welcome James Sims — New Inside Sales Representative

Incab America welcomes a new team member — James Sims who is joining us as an Inside Sales Representative.   James Sims, Insi...

6 April 2021

Webinar OPGW Engineering 301 - Installation

25 March 2021

InArmor MT CST & InArmor MT CST DJ. Splice Preparation Video Guides

Incab America manufactures not only fine OPGW and ADSS cables. We offer a wide range of fiber optic cables for all applications. In this post we'd like to show you splice preparation video guides of InArmor MT CST and InArmor MT CST DJ. ...

18 March 2021

New cable family — BlownIn

20 February 2021

Incab America Cable Supply: 2017 — 2020

16 February 2021

Explore our track-resistant ADSS cable

10 February 2021

We are hiring: 12 open positions

🚀   Incab Universe is growing, and that means we are hiring!  🚀 We are looking for the best crew members who are ready to get onboard for both routine and challenging tasks and who are willing to be part of a high-performing team! 🚀   Inside Sales Representative 🚀   ADSS Operator (3 open positions)...

28 January 2021

Webinar FTTH 101

5 January 2021

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