10 September 2021

TSDOS 2021: how it was for Incab America

TSDOS is over, and it was great! Offline events are back to the world — what a delight it was to meet you all in person! We thank everyone who stopped by and enjoyed the time with us at TSDOS! Hope to see you all next year! Though you can always contact us and keep in touch throughout the year!...

10 September 2021

Join Mike Riddle on his ADSS Engineering 101 webinar

Join Mike Riddle on his encore performance on ADSS Engineering 101 on September 23 at 11:00 am (GMT -5:00)! ...

12 July 2021

Webinar OPGW Lightning

Do you know that Lightning is the second leading cause of OPGW failure? Join Mike Riddle on the webinar on Lightning and you will learn about the main components of a lightning strike, find out what the Keraunic level defines, determine the necessary level of lightning protection, have a chance to choose your best options to repair or replace the damaged components and much more! ...

30 August 2021

Incab America at TSDOS 2021

10 August 2021

Join FTTH 101 webinar with Tim Buffkin

29 June 2021

Incab America FTTH Solutions from backbone to distribution

The wide Incab cable lineup can be a part of a high-quality, stable, flexible and efficient FTTH system from backbone to distribution. Explore (and download) our beautiful leaflet with Incab cables relevant for FTTH, discover more on the website and ...

7 June 2021

Webinar OPGW Engineering 201 - Accessories

1 June 2021

Incab America top-notch product: InFire Rated Universal Dielectric

10 May 2021

Incab America top-notch product: anti-rodent cable

InAir ADSS MT FRP Defender is an innovative product with FRP rods armor specifically designed to solve the rodent problem. It is suitable for aerial applications of 138 kV or less where damage from squirrels/rodents is apparent, though it can also be deployed underground as an all-dielectric direct bury solution. It's a heavy-duty solution and Incab America top-sellin...

7 May 2021

Webinar Fiber Optics 101

22 April 2021

Incab America is a proud UTC Associate Member!

The Utilities Technology Council (UTC) is a global trade association dedicated to serving infrastructure providers, such as electric, gas, and water utilities. UTC shapes the future of utility high-priority technologies by driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and influencing public policy. It is the trusted advisor to utilities and other critical infrastructur...

19 April 2021

We are hiring: 8 open positions

12 April 2021

Welcome James Sims — New Inside Sales Representative

6 April 2021

Webinar OPGW Engineering 301 - Installation

25 March 2021

InArmor MT CST & InArmor MT CST DJ. Splice Preparation Video Guides

Incab America manufactures not only fine OPGW and ADSS cables. We offer a wide range of fiber optic cables for all applications. In this post we'd like to show you splice preparation video guides of InArmor MT CST and InArmor MT CST DJ. ...

18 March 2021

New cable family — BlownIn

20 February 2021

Incab America Cable Supply: 2017 — 2020