9 August 2022

Incab America provides OPGW to PacifiCorp’s Gateway West Project

Incab America will provide OPGW to PacifiCorp’s current Gateway West project to build and operate 1,000 miles of new transmission lines in Wyoming and Idaho. We recently welcomed representatives from PacifiCorp to view our facility and equipment to verify Incab America’s qualifications to supply OPGW to their Gateway West project. This visit included a facility walk-through, testing demonstrati...

2 August 2022

We are hiring! Looking for operators!

Operator positions currently available: — Fiber Optic Cable Extrusion Line Operator. Operates a state-of-the-art extruder for making fiber optic cables. Read full job description — Optical Fiber Coloring Line Operato...

30 June 2022

New design — InDrop Flat Type Toneable

Our newest addition to a Drop cable family — InDrop Flat Type Tonable! It's a great choice for broadband networks where only underground installation is possible. Its main feature is a toning conductor that allows for easy detection of a buried cable. However, if along the deployment route aerial installation is required, the toning conductor can be separated and you'...

14 July 2022

Incab America contributes OPGW to Largest Wind Project in North America

7 July 2022

Daniela Zeltser: At Incab you don’t hear “that’s not my area”

23 June 2022

Mike Riddle: "Time is my biggest challenge"

We sat down with our President Mike Riddle to ask a few questions about how he got started in the ...

24 May 2022

Incab America team is happy to share the results of UTC 2022 Rodeo!

11 May 2022

Come see Incab America at UTC 2022!

4 May 2022

IEEE 2022: how it was for Incab America

Our team was excited to reconnect with reps, customers and other T&D professionals in New Orleans last week and it was a great debut at one of the first in-person trade shows since 2020! We thank everyone who stopped by, and appreciate your time talking about the products, project opportunities and further cooperation. There’s nothing like finally seeing you all in person and we...

26 April 2022

Incab America’s Latest Innovation to Serve You!

20 April 2022

Incab America Trade Shows Calendar for 2022

As most trade shows are back to offline business, we are happy to exhibit, display our fiber optic products and meet our friends and fellow industry professionals in person! Stop by and say hi to us at: • IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) T&D Conference April 25-28, 2022 | New Orleans, LA | Ernest N. Mor...

13 April 2022

Incab at IEEE PES T&D 2022

4 April 2022

Tim Buffkin's Story: "My job requires a certain degree of flexibility and imagination along with just straight hard work"

29 March 2022

Webinar. ACES CATS - new configurator for calculation of tension and sag

18 February 2022

Webinar. ADSS Engineering 201 - Accessories

Join Mike Riddle, Executive Vice President of Incab America, for his ADSS Engineering 201 - Acces...

4 February 2022

Incab America LLC has renewed our Associate Membership with UTC for 2022!

13 December 2021

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