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23 August 2022

Farai Musasa: I see what my contribution does

Farai is our Sales Support Specialist who communicates directly with the network of sales reps and managers.

— What about Incab made you want to work here?

Knowing that it was a younger company that had a lot of potential for growth, and I wanted to get my foot in the door while it was early.

— How long have you been here?

About a year and a half.

— How have you seen the company grow since you started working here?

I’ve seen us acquire new buildings, more equipment, supporters grow, an influx of production. More roles have opened which means more growth in the company.

— What is your personal contribution to fiber optic cable production?

I’m a Sales Support Specialist so I work with our sales reps and managers to assist with anything that they need. I work with inputting orders and just following up on the process from order creation all the way to the end of production and shipping. My goal is to make sure that the customer is always updated.

— How has Incab helped you to improve your skills or grow professionally?

It allowed me to take ownership of my job duties and I have found a desire to go above and beyond because I see what my contribution does and where I fit in at the company.

— What is special about Incab to you?

The growth is going to be remarkable and it’s never going to stop because cable and fiber in the world that we live in now is never going away. It’s only improving, and I am with a company that I think has the capability to grow with that demand. I work with a bunch of smart people that have a passion for the business, so I think that the sky is the limit.

We are happy to have Farai on the team and see him grow! Keep it up, Farai!