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3 April 2020

Global Internet usage has increased dramatically

Considering the fact that more and more people have to work from home because of COVID-19 spreading the Internet usage and data traffic are increasing week by week.

According to the DE-CIX in Frankfurt (Germany) video conferencing especially is in increasing demand as a result of the ever-growing number of people all around the world working from home. Social media usage is on the increase as is online and cloud gaming, which peaked last Thursday.

At the same time, Hamburg and Dubai have also seen significant increase in daily average traffic – 30% and 15% respectfully. In Madrid the number of users of video conferencing has also doubled, and there has been a 30% rise in online and cloud gaming.

This unpredictable situation is one of the main arguments for using optical cable for the stable connecting. Due to the high bandwidth of optical networks and their immunity to electromagnetic interference, connection interruptions are minimized. Another important advantage of fiber is that it is the most secure medium available for carrying sensitive data.

Thinking ahead strategically Incab ensures to provide reliable communication channels for you, your team and customers.