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7 November 2021

Incab America Joined the List of FOA Members!

Fiber Optic Association is a non-profit educational organization, known as a premier certification body for schools providing courses on fiber optics. It has a voice in the field of fiber optics, and we are proud to become a member of this community of experienced professionals.

FOA was founded when fiber optics were just on the rise in telecommunications and FTTH seemed a distant dream. Today, it is possible to adopt the vast knowledge and experience of those who have been dealing with fiber optics for decades: FOA provides a great deal of training courses, free self-study programs, most comprehensive materials and case studies for fiber optics technicians and specialists seeking for education and professional growth. The best part is that workers like cable installers, manufacturing technicians, network designers and managers can take an exam for FOA certification that can be the gateway to a new stage in their career.

Becoming a FOA corporate member is definitely a step forward and we have pleasure in sharing our membership certificate with you.