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26 April 2022

Incab America’s Latest Innovation to Serve You!

Thanks to BestCode, a leader in industrial printing, Incab America is now able to print on our OPGW!

What will we print? Our standard will be to print both a length count and the cable ID but we can also print your custom information, such as your stock codes.

Our new process does not alter lead times or pricing which means you get this upgrade to your product at no additional cost! With this custom marking it is easier to identify different OPGW designs as well as knowing the exact footage of the OPGW left on a reel without having to OTDR test it.

Quickly and easily knowing how much cable is left on a reel can help you better manage your OPGW inventory and thereby help you minimize cable scrap. Incab America’s industry leading OPGW marking makes cable management so much easier.

To recap how this benefits you:

– Ease of identification

– Does not alter lead times

– No additional cost

– Great solution for cable management