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10 August 2021

Join FTTH 101 webinar with Tim Buffkin

Join Tim Buffkin, National Sales Manager – Broadband, for his encore performance on FTTH 101 webinar to learn the basic concepts that should be taken into consideration when working to implement an FTTH system.

📌  Save the date: Thursday, August 19, 11 am (GMT -5:00)

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This session will teach you the core differences between ADSS in power zone versus strand and lash in the communications space. You will discuss the cost and install/maintenance implications for each application as well as the difference between ADSS supports and suspensions. Also, you will compare ADSS and lashed aerial systems and talk about the types of accessories used for each of them. Finally, you will learn about GPON architecture and pros and cons of centralized and distributed split architecture.

Please note that you can earn PDHs for this webinar if you pass the test with the score of 70% and more.

FTTH Webinar