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9 November 2021

Next in the Series of ACES Webinars: ACES SPOT. Space Potential Calculation

Join Mike Riddle, Executive Vice President of Incab America, for his ACES SPOT. Space Potential Calculation webinar.

📌 Save the date: Thursday, November 18, 11 am (GMT -6:00)

In this session, Mike will continue to build up your experience using our Advanced Cable Engineering System (ACES) for defining the cable parameters based on your project specifications. This time, he will concentrate on our new feature, namely Space Potential Calculation, that is there to simplify the process of finding the optimal ADSS attachment point on a tower. Mike will walk you through the entire series of steps leading you to rational engineering decisions while sharing his hands-on experience in the industry, so do not miss this opportunity!

And if you are not familiar with our ACES tool yet, you are welcome to explore its features or watch the previous webinar on this profound cable engineering configurator.