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23 November 2021

Streamlining Business Processes. Implementing CableBuilder at Incab

Incab is proactively shaping its future. In pace with the global digitalization of 2021, we are introducing an ERP SAP S/4 HANA Cloud system to our business. Now it is time to announce the changes in one of the challenging parts of our business – creation of new cable designs.

The plant has successfully implemented CableBuilder, a new calculation system to help engineers speed up the design process, standardize documentation and take our service to a whole new level. We partnered with InnoVites to work on the project beginning 2021. By the end of the project, we have significantly improved the process of cable engineering, reduced the time spent putting together technical datasheets and eliminated the risk of human errors.

Vladislav Artamonov, Head of Project Management Department at Incab:

— Implementation of CableBuilder is going to become a central pillar of our digital transformation. CableBuilder enables us to centrally manage cable design data, which is important for optimized and consistent engineering. Our colleagues from InnoVites have been helpful in making implementation go smooth and fast. Their team of specialists has profound understanding of the industry, which served us in making informed decisions as we went along and contributed to timely implementation of the project while keeping us within the budget.

Albert Groothedde, CEO of InnoVites:

— It is a pleasure working with the professional team of Incab. Their commitment to the project allowed us to execute it in an efficient way. We are proud to deliver another project observing the key objectives in terms of its scope, implementation, and budget. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Incab.