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26 October 2022

Tony McCarthy: My main focus is to do what I say.

Tony is our regional sales manager for the East.

I found out about an opportunity for a position in Incab America through our representatives – Electric Sales Associates, in Florida. As I used to work with them quite closely, they told me about the opportunity, and I decided to go for it.

I enjoy sales and I love interaction and working with people. I would say that was the main reason why I took the job. I have been dealing and working with people since I was a kid. I started delivering newspapers when I was 5 years old. Since that age I have been closely interacting with people throughout my career.

My previous job was at MacLean Power Systems, where I worked for 17 years. I was in a transmission group from where I moved from a transmission sales manager to a product manager for distribution hardware and fiberglass brackets and guy strains.

I would not say that fiber optics was something absolutely unknown to me. However, when it came to hardware, we did not manufacture fiber optic cable, but we did make hardware for use with OPGW and ADSS.

My main goal at work is to hit my number. My main focus is to do what I say. When we discuss our targets, I always say that I can do more than what is being suggested. I like to push myself. I could surely just relax and say that I agree with the number, but I say that I will go an extra mile. It gives me something to strive for.

I like to golf in my free time. I also like watching football, especially the World Cup. Me and my wife travel to Europe a lot. We spend most of the time in Austria, because my wife’s parents have a home in Linz. We traced my history back to the 1500s and my ancestry is really widespread: there’s Irish, French, German, Austrian, Scottish, English, Czechoslovakian and others.

The thing about the job is that it changes all the time. Nothing remains the same, especially as we are growing. Next year we have even more ambitious goals. And now all of a sudden, we need more resources, obviously, we need more people to hit our goals.

If I were to describe my job in one sentence I would describe it as fun, I’m passionate, I’m inspired, I’m motivated and I love it.