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31 March 2023

USA Awarded Rep of the Year 2022

As Incab America’s representative of the year 2022, Utility Service Agency (USA) deserves recognition for their outstanding contributions to the company’s success. This award is a testament to their commitment, dedication, and hard work in promoting and selling Incab America’s products.

USA has been an invaluable partner to Incab America, consistently delivering exceptional results in terms of sales and customer service. Their ability to build strong relationships with customers and provide them with the right solutions to meet their needs has been a key driver of their success.

In addition to their exceptional sales performance, USA has also been instrumental in promoting and raising awareness of Incab America’s products and brand. Through their marketing efforts and participation in industry events, they have helped to increase Incab America’s visibility and reputation in the marketplace. 

About USA

The Utility Service Agency, Inc. (USA) is a manufacturers’ representative company for the electric utility industry. USA specializes in tools and materials for the transmission, substation, distribution and lighting markets. USA represents approximately 20 manufacturers for the Carolina’s, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Southern New Jersey. With the expansion of Duke Energy into Florida and the Midwest, USA has become the single point of contact for many principals and are actively supporting those regions. USA supports Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina for Incab America products OPGW, ADSS, Flat Drop, Fire Rated, and other Specialty Fiber Optic Cables and Control Cable.

More info on USA here.

We congratulate USA on their well-deserved recognition as Incab America’s representative of the year 2022. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them and achieving even greater success together in the years to come.