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12 April 2021

Welcome James Sims — New Inside Sales Representative

Incab America welcomes a new team member — James Sims who is joining us as an Inside Sales Representative.

  James Sims, Inside Sales Representative:

— I have been in sales and customer service for most of my life. I have extensive experience in electrical and plastic sales. My latest adventure was working for a company that manufactures tank heads. For those not familiar with that term, tank heads are the rounded part on the top and/or bottom of a vessel such as a propane tank. This required much attention to detail because these are used in situations where explosions can occur. The order and the manufacturing have to be right the first time. My experience has taught me the importance of customer service. I take all inquiries personally, taking ownership of any problems and finding solutions to them.

James’s first and most important role is to improve efficiency and effectiveness in handling customer inquiries and orders by implementing and operating our new Gatekeeper system.

He receives and processes all emails at assigning and forwarding the orders to the Project team, responding to requests, or getting them to the proper person who can get answers quickly. When an order is received, James tries to get it entered immediately or no later than early the next day. As the Inside Sales Representative, he has access to all departments of Incab America, therefore he is able to get answers in a timely manner for all customers who trust Incab America with their business.

Please contact James via with your inquiries.

Welcome onboard, James!