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30 November 2020

Winter is coming… Protect your OPGW from icing!

Winter is coming ☃️ Our picture may look like we are entering a new Ice Age, but that’s actually what a power line might look like in winter.


How fiber optic cables, especially OPGW, work at low temperatures and in extreme climates is a critical design consideration. Safe, reliable operation of transmission lines also requires minimizing any icing effects to avoid disasters and ideally eliminate outages.

Incab’s role in this process includes design and testing of our cables. In addition to type testing, we conduct periodic testing to ensure our cables will perform as engineered when the temperatures plunge and ice accumulates.

Our cables, including our OPGW, work in the full range of climate zones: from areas where there is no icing at all, up to the harshest conditions where icing can reach 1 inch or more. We also offer cables that can monitor temperature and even icing itself.

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