OPGW/Ground Wire

OPGW S part no.

Protection of power lines from lightning overvoltage, construction of optical communication systems.


Central strength member (aluminum-clad Steel wires or aluminum alloy wires)


Optical fiber


Stainless steel tube filled with water-blocking gel


Stranded wires (aluminum-clad Steel wires and /or aluminum alloy wires)


Stranded wires (aluminum-clad Steel wires and /or aluminum alloy wires)

Up to 288 fibers

ACS wires are highly corrosion resistant

Optical groundwire (OPGW) shields highvoltage conductors from lightning strikes

Aluminum alloy wires provide conductivity for fault current

Crush — from 571 lb/in
Fiber count up to 288
Rated breaking strength, lb 10566 … 61822
Tensile strength, lb 6295 … 37093
Cable diameter, in 0.433 … 0.827
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.222 … 1.028
Elasticity modulus (final), ksi 15737 … 35969
Short current circuit capacity (initial temp 25° C), kA²s 5...550
Short-circuit current for 1s, kA 4...30
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Operation temperature -76°F … 185°F
Installation temperature -22°F … 122°F
Transportation and storage temperature -76°F … 158°F
Minimum bending radius 20x cable diameter
Life time 50 years
Warranty as specified in the supply agreement, min 2 years