«Quality means doing it right when no one is looking».
Henry Ford

Quality is our philosophy. It includes:

— 100% step-by-step quality control;
— Best in the industry Test Center;
— High-quality materials;
— Quality management system certification – TÜV certificate;
— Software for aerial cable calculations;
— Declarations for all cable types manufactured at the plant;
— Quality policy;

— Certificates and letters from federal companies and controlling organizations recommending our products;
— Software that helps to select the right type of optical cable,the right size of the reels, and the optimal arrangement of reels on trucks and in containers;
— Additional services for power line EM fields calculations;
— Continuous feedback from the clients.

Step-by-step quality control

Throughout the manufacturing process – after each operation – specialists of the Quality Control Department conduct:
— incoming materials quality control;
— measurement of each optical fiber parameter;
— fiber length control in tubes;
— conformity check of design;
— check of resistance and tightness of the jacket (for armored cables);
— marking and packing control.

Throughout the manufacturing process our line operators check geometry of the products.

The most advanced measurement equipment is used in the process of control:
— Reflectometer of the new generation МТР9000;
— Reflectometer Yokogawa AQ726;
— Spectrum Analyzer Ando AQ6319;
— Analyzer of Spectrum and Diameter of the Mode Field PK2500;
— Fiber Geometry Tester PK2400;
— Tester EXFO FTB-400.

Zumbach Geometry Testers.

Geometry testing is performed with precision instruments. All measurement results are documented and analyzed for further quality improvement.

Test Center

Our Test Center is equipped according to the latest industry standards to conduct type approval and periodic mechanical and environmental resistance tests per IEC 60794-1-2 (water penetration, temperature cycling, high humidity, vibration, stretching, bending, torsion, crush, compression).


We strive to exceed the world highest quality demands and are interested in continuous feedback  from our clients.
For comments and suggestions, please, contact support@incabamerica.com.