«Quality means doing it right when no one is looking».
Henry Ford

Quality is in the heart of everything we do.

Our quality policy is implemented through:

— 100% step-by-step quality control;
— сonducting of bidirectional OTDR control at the phase of final inspection, all OTDR traces are saved;
— in-house Test Center;
— high-quality materials;
— quality management system is recognized as both effective and ISO compliant by TÜV Thuringen;
— software to select the right type of fiber optic cable, reel dimensions, and the optimal arrangement of reels on trucks and in containers;
— software for aerial cable calculations: OPGW and ADSS;
— calculation of power line electromagnetic fields;
— continuous customer feedback;
— Quality policy.

Step-by-step quality control

Quality Control employees carry out stringent control at all stages of the manufacturing process, including:
— incoming control of materials;
— measuring parameters of each optical fiber;
— control of fiber length in loose tubes;
— verification of compliance with the design requirements;
— check of resistance and tightness of the jacket (for armored cables);
— control of marking and packing.

Our line operators control the dimensions of the products throughout the manufacturing process. We use advanced high-precision control and measurement equipment:
— Yokogawa AQ7260 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer;
— Ando AQ6319 Spectrum Analyzer;
— PK2500 Optical Spectrum Analyzer;
— PK2400 Fiber Geometry System;
— EXFO FTB-400 Universal Test System;
— Zumbach Geometry Testers;
— Photon Kinetics OTDR;
— BOTDA/BOTDR fibrisTerre.

All measurements are recorded and analyzed for further quality improvement.

Test Center

Our Test Center is equipped according to the latest industry standards to conduct type approval and periodic mechanical and environmental resistance tests per IEEE 1222, IEEE 1138, and IEC 60794-1-2 (water penetration, temperature cycling, high humidity, vibration, stretching, bending, torsion, crush, compression). Before the launch into production, operators conduct a double independent check according to specially designed checklists.


In order to meet the world’s highest quality standards, we continuously monitor feedback from our customers. For comments and suggestions, please, contact us — support@incabamerica.com