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2 November 2020

Incab America’s Critter Control Corner

If you mess with a squirrel, it might take away your internet!

Or not, if you choose to use an Incab cable!

Rodent gnawing damage is a very common problem (for ADSS, it is a close second to shotgun damage), and it can not only be extremely costly — but also very dangerous. All rodents have to wear down their incisors because their teeth continuously grow throughout their lives. If they do not, then their resulting not-so-sharp incisors will interfere with their eating and this will eventually cause certain death. In fact, an adult squirrel’s 4 incisors can grow as much as 8 inches per year! So, the critters gnaw on anything they can — and cables seem to suit them best in many cases. The chewing can result in the outright destruction of the strength element or fibers inside a cable. Plus, damage to a cable’s outer jacket can create an entry point for water. Even though there are water absorbing materials inside the cable, bad things can happen. So, it is much better to try to keep them from chewing at all in the first place, but if they do, then to limit the damage that they can cause.

Incab offers multiple rodent resistant solutions:

  InAir ADSS MT FRP Defender

We created this ADSS cable design specifically to solve this rodent problem. InAir ADSS MT FRP Defender has three lines of defense. First, we use an anti-rodent additive in the outer jacket to discourage chewing. Second, we use FRP rod to stop chewing if they do. Finally, we use an inner jacket to ensure that the optical is protected from water. And, even though it is “InAir”, it can also be deployed underground as an all-dielectric direct bury solution.

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✅   Also all our InArmor series cables have different types and degrees of anti-rodent armoring:

— Corrugated steel tape: a traditional solution for this problem.

— Galvanized steel wires: a “heavy duty” solution.

— Fiberglass yarns: a light to medium duty solution that is all-dielectric, so it’s safe to use in the presence of electromagnetic fields.

— Fiberglass rods: a “heavy duty” all-dielectric solution.

In addition, we can also “double armor” and “double jacket” to increase rodent resistance and protect the optical core.

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Sounds interesting? Want more information? Drop us an inquiry and let us know how we can be of service to you!