InAir ADSS FRP Defender All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) FiberGlass Rods (FRP) Defender

This design combines enhanced optical reliability with the highest degree of rodent resistance available in an all-dielectric cable. It also can be used as an all-dielectric direct buried cable solution.


Central strength member (fiberglass reinforced plastic)


Optical fiber


PBT loose tube filled with water-blocking gel


Water-swellable yarns


Inner jacket


Water-swellable yarns


Fiberglass rods







Anti-rodent additive in the outer jacket for first-line protection

Designed for use in aerial applications of 138 kV or less where damage from squirrels/rodents is apparent

Superior protection from mechanical damage - FRP rods
provide strength and second-line protection

Completely protected from water ingress

Maximum rated cable load up to 4496 lb

Rodent gnawing damage is a very common problem in the USA, and it might be both extremely costly and very dangerous. InAir ADSS FRP Defender is a multi tube fiberglass rods cable which is specifically designed to solve the rodent problem. This design has three lines of defense. The first line is an anti-rodent additive in the outer jacket to discourage chewing. The second one is an FRP rod to stop chewing if they do. Finally, an inner jacket ensures that the optical core is protected from water ingress. Its maximum rated design tension can be up to 4,496 lb. And, even though it is “InAir”, it can also be deployed underground as an all-dielectric direct bury solution.

Check how this defender ADSS cable can be deployed in FTTH systems.

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Maximum rated cable load (MRCL), lb 1574
Crush 228 lb/in (0.4 kN/cm)
Fiber count, up to 48 (4х12) 72 (6х12) 96 (4х24) 144 (6х24)
Cable diameter, in 0.512 0.555 0.567 0.638
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.097 0.115 0.117 0.156
Minimum bending radius, in 7.7 8.3 8.5 9.6
Maximum rated cable load (MRCL), lb 3597
Crush 228 lb/in (0.4 kN/cm)
Fiber count, up to 48 (4х12) 72 (6х12) 96 (4х24) 144 (6х24)
Cable diameter, in 0.598 0.634 0.638 0.685
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.146 0.164 0.161 0.181
Minimum bending radius, in 9 9.5 9.6 10.3
Maximum rated cable load (MRCL), lb 4496
Crush 228 lb/in (0.4 kN/cm)
Fiber count, up to 48 (4х12) 72 (6х12) 96 (4х24) 144 (6х24)
Cable diameter, in 0.638 0.665 0.669 0.693
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.171 0.185 0.182 0.19
Minimum bending radius, in 9.6 10 10 10.4
Operating temperature -58°F ... +158°F
* -76°F ... +158°F upon request
Installation temperature -22°F ... +158°F
Transportation and storage temperature -58°F ... +158°F
Minimum bending radius 15 x cable diameter
Design life 25 years

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