Duct cables are usually laid underground in ducts, conduits, and trays with no or a low risk of rodent attacks. This type of black-jacketed cables is also suitable for aerial installation on power lines, lamp posts, railway overhead systems. Duct cables are widely used in the conventional telecommunication duct systems, urban networks, access networks, and in FTTH networks. Cables installed in ducts are resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damages.

Typical application:

  • They can be pulled into underground ducts and sewer pipes
  • They can be installed along bridges, tunnels and other structures
  • They can be installed into indoor/outdoor cable conduits and trays
  • They can also be lashed

Underground ducting for cables is a cabling protection system in which fiber optic and other types of cables run through and which is designed as durable as possible to make sure cables are protected from the weather and any other external conditions. This type of optical communication system installation allows for cable installation, replacement, and maintenance without the need to rip up the soil.

Among the methods of duct cable installation, pulling and air-blowing are the most common ones, though cables can also be pushed into ducts.

Incab offers a range of InDuct fiber optic cables. They are all-dielectric and can be manufactured as flame-retardant. All Incab InDuct cables have a stranded core and a single polyethylene jacket that are generally produced dry but can also be supplied as gel-filled on request. All cables have a wide range of operating temperatures from -40°F to +158°F and installation temperatures from -22°F to +158°F (operating temperature range can be increased on request).

InDuct — a standard duct cable

  • Dry or gel-filled design
  • Up to 288 fibers
  • Maximum rated design tension up to 607 lb
  • Crush — 126 lb/in

InDuct FiberGlass

  • Dry or gel-filled design
  • Up to 864 fibers
  • Maximum rated design tension up to 607 lb
  • Crush — 126 lb/in
  • Fiberglass yarns provide a degree of rodent protection

InDuct Aramid

  • Dry or gel-filled design
  • Easy to install
  • Reduced weight and size
  • Up to 144 fibers
  • Maximum rated design tension up to 607 lb
  • Crush — 126 lb/in

Also check how InDuct cables can be deployed as part of FTTH system.

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