A standard dielectric cable for installation in ducts with no risk of rodent attacks


Central strength member (FPR)


Optical fiber


Dry loose tube


Water-swellable yarns





Maximum rated design tension up to 607 lb

Up to 288 fibers

All-dielectric design

InDuct is a standard underground fiber optic cable. It’s an all-dielectric and UV-resistant design. This cable typically consists of a stranded core with a central strength member (FRP), dry loose tubes with optical fibers (one or more layers — it depends on the fiber count which can be up to 288 fibers) and a single outer jacket. The stranded core is fixed by water-swellable yarns. Additionally, water-swellable tape can be added.

Very important note: this InDuct cable has no levels of rodent resistance.

Typical application:

— It can be pulled into underground ducts and sewer pipes

— It can be installed along bridges, tunnels and other structures

— It can be installed into indoor/outdoor cable conduits and trays

— It can also be lashed

InDuct is a great solution for an FTTH build. Check how this InDuct fiber optic cable can be deployed in FTTH system (explore Underground Backbone and Underground Distribution on a scheme).

Maximum rated design tension (MRDT) 607 lb (2.7 kN)
Crush 126 lb/in (0.22 kN/cm)
Fiber count, up to 72 (6x12) 96 (8x12) 144 (12x12) 288 (24x12)
Cable diameter, in 0.449 0.52 0.654 0.791
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.056 0.074 0.118 0.144
Minimum bending radius, in 6.7 7.8 9.8 11.9
Operating temperature -40°F ... +158°F
Installation temperature -22°F ... +158°F
Transportation and storage temperature -58°F ... +158°F
Minimum bending radius 15 x cable diameter
Design life 25 years

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