Reinforced steel optical module

Reinforced steel optical module

(Applied for monitoring physical variables like a separate cable sensor and as part of geophysical and submersible cables, power high voltage cables. Suitable for installation in tunnels, roads, runways strips, and in any industrial application where high mechanical strength, high temperature characteristics and fast heat response are required. Possible applications: fire detection, leak detection, temperature monitoring.)

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    Stainless Steel Tube
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    Stainless Steel Tube
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    Optical fiber


The unique combination of a small diameter and a weight with extremely high strength characteristics.


Optical Fiber Specifications
Optical Fiber Color Identification

Fiber count1…48
Outer diameter, in0,094488…0,15748
Module wall thickness, in0,015748
Optical fiber excessive length, %0…0.8
Steel Module MaterialStainless steel 1.4301
Operation parameters
Operation temperature range*-60°С…+70°С
Installation temperature range-30°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature range-60°С…+70°С
Min bending radiusnot less 25x cable diameter
Life time25 years

* Operation temperature range can be changed on request.