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7 July 2022

Daniela Zeltser: At Incab you don’t hear “that’s not my area”

Daniela is our Accounting Manager and is responsible for managing accounting transactions and evaluating and reporting a variety of financial information.

— How did you start working at Incab? How long have you been working here?

I’ve been at Incab over 2 years now. When I started at the beginning of the pandemic – it has proven a huge opportunity for us to support America’s remote schooling and work from home.

— What is your personal contribution to fiber optic cable production?

Happy employees make the best cable – my passion is improving personal financial stability and helping employees saving for retirement. It is easy at Incab with a generous 6% 401k match.

— Is Incab different from other companies you worked for? What is special about Incab?

Incab is free from silo effect of big corporations. Here at Incab I am empowered to help across functional areas – I am helping with shipping and logistics and operations, even personnel matters. At Incab you don’t hear “that’s not my area”.

— Would you recommend Incab as employer to your friends?

I’ve seen Incab grow from 10 employees two years ago to 50 now. The promotions are organic – production line employees moving to office jobs including logistics, inside sales, and quality.

— What do you do like to do in your free time?

I like to joke that I have two jobs – one here at Incab and one with my 2 little ones at home.

We are so grateful to have Daniela on the team and look forward to what the future of Incab America brings for her!