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9 August 2022

Incab America provides OPGW and ADSS to PacifiCorp’s Gateway West Project

Incab America will provide OPGW and ADSS to PacifiCorp’s current Gateway West project to build and operate 2,000 miles of new transmission lines in Wyoming and Idaho. We recently welcomed representatives from PacifiCorp to view our facility and equipment to verify Incab America’s qualifications to supply OPGW to their Gateway West project. This visit included a facility walk-through, testing demonstrations, and certification presentations. Incab America welcomes prospective customers to inquire about a facility tour to ensure quality of cable and manufacturing processes.

About PacifiCorp and Gateway West Project

PacifiCorp is the largest grid operator in the western United States, they serve the growing energy needs of 2 million customers while protecting the environment. PacifiCorp’s business units are leaders in providing safe, reliable, and sustainable low-cost power.

In May 2007, PacifiCorp launched the Energy Gateway Transmission Expansion – a multi-year investment plan to add approximately 2,000 miles of new transmission lines across the West. The Gateway West project is jointly proposed by the company and Idaho Power to build and operate approximately 1,000 miles of new high-voltage transmission lines in Wyoming and Idaho. This project will include seven expanded or new substations and will enable access to existing and new generating resources, including wind, delivering electricity from these sources to customers. More information here