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14 January 2020

New state-of-the-art Brillouin analyzer

Incab test center introduced a new state-of-the-art measuring device: Brillouin analyzer based on Brillouin Optical Frequency Domain Analysis (BOFDA) by fibrisTerre (Germany).

Unlike equipment measuring changes in signal phase and providing only averaged values of fiber elongation, with this device using Brillouin scattering it is possible to measure the distribution of mechanical stress and fiber elongation along the entire length.

With the help of this device, you get precise and complete information on the characteristics of specific delivery lengths of specialty cables used for distributed structural health monitoring.

This allows setting up the control system, which is faster and more efficient, ensuring predictable cable response to external events that need to be monitored.

Our clients from telecom sectors can be sure in high quality of cables, which means not only high characteristics of optical fiber, but also their reliability. BOFDA measurements ensure absence of critical fiber stresses inside the cable along the entire delivery length and under any external influences (tension, bending, torsion, high and low temperatures).