InSky OPGW S part no.
Optical Ground Wire Stranded (S)

Combines excellent mechanical and electrical properties with much higher zero fiber strain margin to enhance long-term optical reliability. It is also more flexible and crush-resistant than other design types which makes pulling it in faster and makes it possible to pull farther and through more angles.


Central strength member (aluminum-clad steel wire or aluminum alloy wire)


Optical fiber


Stainless steel tube filled with water-blocking gel


Stranded wires (aluminum-clad steel wires and/or aluminum alloy wires)


Stranded wires (aluminum-clad steel wires and/or aluminum alloy wires)

Up to 432 fibers

ACS wires are highly corrosion-resistant

Optical ground wire (OPGW) shields high-voltage conductors from lightning strikes

Aluminum alloy wires provide conductivity for fault current

Crush — 571 lb/in
Fiber count up to 432
Cable diameter, in 0.433 … 0.984
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.222 … 1.028
Rated breaking strength (RBS) (without SSLTs), lb 10566 … 61822
Maximum rated design tension (MRDT), lb 6295 … 37093
Elasticity modulus (final), ksi 10153 … 23206
Short circuit capacity (initial temp 77°F), kA²•s 5...550
Short circuit current for 0.5 s, kA 4...30
Operating temperature -58°F … +185°F *-76°F…+185°F upon request
Installation temperature -22°F … +122°F
Transportation and storage temperature -58°F … +185°F
Minimum bending radius 20x cable diameter
Design life 50 years