InSky OPGW S Optical Ground Wire Stranded (S)

Combines excellent mechanical and electrical properties with much higher zero fiber strain margin to enhance long-term optical reliability. It is also more flexible and crush-resistant than other design types which makes pulling it in faster and makes it possible to pull farther and through more angles.


Central strength member (aluminum-clad steel wire or aluminum alloy wire)


Optical fiber


Stainless steel tube filled with water-blocking gel


Stranded wires (aluminum-clad steel wires and/or aluminum alloy wires)


Stranded wires (aluminum-clad steel wires and/or aluminum alloy wires)

OPGW marking: unique and the only one in the industry to know the exact footage and identify the design type

Up to 432 fibers

ACS wires are highly corrosion-resistant

Optical ground wire (OPGW) shields high-voltage conductors from lightning strikes

Aluminum alloy wires provide conductivity for fault current

InSky OPGW S (Optical Ground Wire Stranded) is an optimal solution for high mechanical loads as it combines superior mechanical and electrical properties with the highest zero fiber strain margin (≥ 80% RBS) for increased long-term optical reliability. It can have up to 432 fibers and is highly corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel tubes provide superior protection for the fibers. Stranded OPGW cable is also highly flexible and resistant to tensile loads than other OPGW design types which makes it possible to pull it faster, farther and through more angles. Longer pulls through more angles may yield fewer splice points.

All Incab OPGW cables have a proven design life of 50 years. They are a wholesome 3-in-1 solution for the utilities and telecommunication industry being a ground wire that enables efficient power distribution grids, a telecom medium with high-speed optical fiber for data transmission and additionally for power line monitoring. Moreover, they don’t require additional costs when placing fiber optic communication lines on power lines.

Incab OPGW cables have been tested by the independent laboratory “Kinectrics” (Canada) according to IEEE 1222 standard.

Determine the optimal OPGW design for your project using our Configurator ACES: Advanced Cable Engineering System.

Maximum rated design tension (MRDT) 6295...37093 lb (28...165 kN)
Crush 571 lb/in (1 kN/cm)
Rated breaking strength (RBS) (without SSLTs), lb 10566...61822
Fiber count, up to 432
Cable diameter, in 0.433...0.984
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.222...1.028
Elasticity modulus (final), ksi 10153...23206
Short circuit capacity (initial temp 77°F), kA²•s 5...550
Short circuit current for 1s, kA 4...30
Operating temperature -58°F ... +185°F
* -76°F ... +185°F upon request
Installation temperature -22°F ... +122°F
Transportation and storage temperature -58°F ... +185°F
Minimum bending radius 20 x cable diameter
Design life 50 years

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