9 December 2021

New cable group – InControl

We've recently added a group of cables optimized for use in substations using today’s Smart Grid technology control systems.   Highly versatile design that can be used both indoors and outdoors Very good for direct-buried installation in substations   ...

3 December 2021

OPGW and ADSS cables available immediately

With a focus on Customer’s needs, Incab America is committed to giving favorable lead times. For your urgent projects, we have the most popular cables in stock available immediately! OPGW or ADSS cables of proven first-class quality are literally one click away from you. Co...

7 November 2021

Incab America Joined the List of FOA Members!

Fiber Optic Association is a non-profit educational organization, known as a premier certification body for schools providing courses on fiber optics. It has a voice in the field of fiber optics, and we are proud to become a member of this community of experienced professionals. FOA was founded when fiber optics were just on the rise in telecommunications and FTTH seemed...

23 November 2021

Streamlining Business Processes. Implementing CableBuilder at Incab

9 November 2021

Next in the Series of ACES Webinars: ACES SPOT. Space Potential Calculation

28 September 2021

ACES SPOT: new configurator for space potential calculation

Do your space potential analysis for free! Using our new software tool you can do it with ease. ACES SPOT (Advanced Cable Engineering System for Space Potential) makes calculation of space potential around overhead transmission lines with ADSS cables as...

10 September 2021

TSDOS 2021: how it was for Incab America

10 September 2021

Join Mike Riddle on his ADSS Engineering 101 webinar

30 August 2021

Incab America at TSDOS 2021

TSDOS is coming up in a few weeks! After the bunch of online events and remote meetings, we are thrilled to meet you all face to face again! Incab America will be at TSDOS in Suite #321 — come by to see us, find out what fiber optic products and solutions Incab offers, and we are definitely open to discussing projects with fellow industry professionals! ...

10 August 2021

Join FTTH 101 webinar with Tim Buffkin

12 July 2021

Webinar OPGW Lightning

Do you know that Lightning is the second leading cause of OPGW failure? Join Mike Riddle on the webinar on Lightning and you will learn about the main components of a lightning strike, find out what the Keraunic level defines, determine the necessary level of lightning protection, have a chance to choose your best options to repair or replace the damaged components and much more! ...

29 June 2021

Incab America FTTH Solutions from backbone to distribution

7 June 2021

Webinar OPGW Engineering 201 - Accessories

1 June 2021

Incab America top-notch product: InFire Rated Universal Dielectric

10 May 2021

Incab America top-notch product: anti-rodent cable

InAir ADSS MT FRP Defender is an innovative product with FRP rods armor specifically designed to solve the rodent problem. It is suitable for aerial applications of 138 kV or less where damage from squirrels/rodents is apparent, though it can also be deployed underground as an all-dielectric direct bury solution. It's a heavy-duty solution and Incab America top-sellin...

7 May 2021

Webinar Fiber Optics 101

22 April 2021

Incab America is a proud UTC Associate Member!