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29 June 2018

Incab took a part in Wire and Cable 2018, Copenhagen, 18 – 20 June

Wire & Cable Conference 2018 brings together the leading enterprises of the industry.

CRU, a global consulting company, was organizer of this conference. They specialize in business analytics for global markets, including power and optical cable market.

Main topics of Wire & Cable 2018 were:

• forecast for global wire and cable and optical fiber supply and demand;

• the development of offshore wind energy projects and how they will impact cable producers, traders and distributors;

• the concept of smart cities and role of energy generation, transmission and distribution systems in improving urban life.

This year, also discussed trends in key markets in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

Speakers include Richard Mack (CRU), Fredrik Bergfors (Borealis), Michael Hjort (NKT), Andrew Shaw (DUCAB), Dr. Jiang Xin Li (ZTT) and Alexander Smilgevich (Incab).

We are grateful to CRU for the invitation to take a part of Alexander Smilgevich. He made a presentation called Optical fiber market update from Russia.