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14 October 2020

It’s the right time to meet new challenges!

Incab is 13!

It’s getting older, stronger and prepared to new challenges!

Alexander Smilgevich:

“It seems we have raced these past 13 years. We were simply running forward not always looking back or around and not always giving a proper thought to what had happened. We have developed a whole bunch of new products, built a production site from scratch, grew our team, entered new markets, and found foreign partners with faith in us.

Yes, we experience problems, but we are fully aware of them and I am sure we’ll find solutions. Because in the DNA of our company there is a will to be proud of what we do.

Each one of you has my utmost gratitude for delivering unmatched performance and your personal time, nerves and health input for these 13 years. Complications appear but we overcome them because the stronger we get the more difficult problems we face. No wonder why we encounter all these knotty invincible situations. It just means we are getting better and stronger. We’ll overcome them. I am thankful for such a commitment and focused performance from you all”.