InArmor+ FRP FiberGlass Rods (FRP)

Excellent for underground installations in close proximity to underground power circuits.


Central strength member (fiberglass reinforced plastic)


Optical fiber


PBT loose tube filled with water-blocking gel


Water-swellable yarns


Inner jacket


Water-swellable yarns


Fiberglass rods







Reliable protection from serious mechanical impact

Excellent rodent resistance

All-dielectric design

Maximum rated design tension up to 4496 lb

Resistance to crushing load up to 571 lb/in

Reduced weight, suitable for aerial installation

InArmor+ FRP is a multi-tube all-dielectric and UV-resistant cable with fiberglass rods armor ensuring excellent rodent resistance. This design features reliable protection from serious mechanical impact. Its maximum rated design tension can be up to 4,496 lb and resistance to crushing load can reach up to 571 lb/in. Due to reduced weight, it is suitable for aerial installation. It has a wide range of operating temperatures from -40°F to +158°F and installation temperatures from +14°F to +122°F (operating temperature range can be increased on request).

InArmor+ FRP consists of a stranded core with central strength member (FRP) and loose tubes with optical fibers (up to 144). The stranded core is fixed by water-swellable yarns. The armor consists of FRP rods. There are water-swellable yarns between an inner jacket and FRP rods.

Typical application:

  • Aerial installation between poles and buildings
  • Aerial installation on powerlines
  • Aerial installation for communication lines
  • Pulling into underground ducts and sewer pipes
  • Installation along bridges, tunnels and other structures
  • Installation into indoor/outdoor cable conduits and trays
Maximum rated design tension (MRDT) 1574 lb (7 kN)
Crush 228 lb/in (0.4 kN/cm)
Fiber count, up to 48 (4х12) 72 (6х12) 96 (4х24) 144 (6х24)
Cable diameter, in 0.512 0.555 0.567 0.638
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.097 0.115 0.117 0.156
Minimum bending radius, in 7.7 8.3 8.5 9.6
Maximum rated design tension (MRDT) 3597 lb (16 kN)
Crush 228 lb/in (0.4 kN/cm)
Fiber count, up to 48 (4х12) 72 (6х12) 96 (4х24) 144 (6х24)
Cable diameter, in 0.598 0.634 0.638 0.685
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.146 0.161 0.164 0.181
Minimum bending radius, in 9 9.5 9.6 10.3
Maximum rated design tension (MRDT) 4496 lb (20 kN)
Crush 228 lb/in (0.4 kN/cm)
Fiber count, up to 48 (4х12) 72 (6х12) 96 (4х24) 144 (6х24)
Cable diameter, in 0.638 0.665 0.669 0.693
Cable weight, lb/ft 0.171 0.182 0.185 0.19
Minimum bending radius, in 10 9.6 10 10.4
Operating temperature -40°F ... +158°F
Installation temperature +14°F ... +122°F
Transportation and storage temperature -40°F ... +158°F
Minimum bending radius 15 x cable diameter
Design life 25 years

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